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V&V Bubble Tea
Farewell, Friends....
In 6 years of operation in Auckland CBD, we have create an era. 
we are so grateful of serving tens of thousands of customers from 37 countries.
We are so proud of creating so many irreplaceable unique bubble tea experience as we care about you, as a friend.
We are so proud of drawing 2,415 cups for our customers for free over the years. Are you one of them?
We are so proud of being the first of bringing the latest tea brewing technology and serving freshest tea to the New Zealand market.
We are so proud of being the most appraised bubble tea shop in New Zealand.(by 2019)
We are also proud of accomplishing all above in the smallest shop in Auckland.

Unfortunately, due to family committment,  We have ceased our operation on 23rd Feb 2019. 

We are still available on FB or IG or even WeChat, but we have transferred our main focus to bubble tea business coaching and training. If you are interested in getting in the bubble tea business, you can contact us by private messaging.

Well...that's enough for now. Will chat with you in a bit. See you all soon.
Love 💕💕💕
V&V Bubble Tea
Serving NZ Since 2013

best hand drawn bubble teas in auckland V&V bubble tea
Healthier & More Tasty Bubble Tea
V&V Bubble Tea is the very first and the only bubble tea shop in New Zealand brews all the teas on orders. 

With the cutting edge tea brewing technology -  a process called 'Teapresso', we are able to extract all the great flavours and nutrients from our premium tea leaves sourced from Taiwan.

The professionally adjusted temperature and pressure of the steeping process guarantee every cup of tea that we present to our customers is of the highest quality.  

It also gives us more flexibility in terms of tea selection. We currently carry the most common teas types in the market, including but not limited to Assum Black Tea, Jasmine Green Tea, Decaf Black Tea, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Oolong, Matcha Green Tea. 
Latest Teapresso v&v Bubble Tea
Best Bubble Tea in Auckland V&V Bubble Tea
Trendy & Innovative Bubble Tea
New Zealand is a bit far away from the rest of the world, but it doesn't mean our kiwis shouldn't taste the new drink inventions. We keep challenging ourselves to catch up the latest international trends, bringing you the best teas with the best prices. 

It means you will never out of date. Our drinks are always mouthwatering tasty and visually appealing. 

V&V Bubble Tea is the very first to bring Butterfly Flower Teas to New Zealand. If you haven't tried them yet, you'd better catch it up soon. 
Unique & Customized Bubble Tea
As a hobby and value adding service, we can customize your bubble tea experience by hand drawing images on cups. Over the years, we have been doing so for thousands of happy customers. The customization requests are very random, from popular anime, games, celebrities, to memes and weird scenarios. The drawing serivce has been FREE.  because we believe, your bubble tea exprience with us should be unique and priceless. 

Think of something special to you, let's put it on a cup of delicious bubble tea for you. 
handrawn bubble tea in auckland V&V bubble tea
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Owner of V&V Bubble Tea
Vanessa & Eric
Owner & Operator
A Little Story About us...
Meet Vanessa and Eric, the owner of V&V Bubble Tea. They are both originally from the same city called Qingdao in China. 

Eric immigrated to New Zealand in 2002 by himself as an international student. He enjoys the lifestyle and business environment here. From his employments in various insdustries and continous learning over the years, Eric built up the entrepreneur mindset. He met Vanessa during holiday back home in 2009 and married his love in 2011. The happy couple both value freedom of entrepreneurship more than rat racing 9-5 jobs, they found and took over V&V Bubble Tea in March 2015. 

"It has been an mystery and exciting journey for us..." Eric recalls, "There has been a lot to learn in this industry. We have made a lot of mistakes along the way, but it is the only way to accumulate the experience, right?"

Vanessa and Eric talk about how they have been improving their products and services since the very first day they run the business. "Quality is our first priority, the increasing competition from big oversea franchises means we have to evolve constantly." In 2016, V&V Bubble Tea imported the 'Teapresso' technology into New Zealand. Being the first the only shop brewing teas on order, they faced challenges like the longer brewing time and higher ingredient costs. "It takes longer and it does cost us a bit more than traditional pre brewed tea method, but end of the day, customers can enjoy better tasty teas, fresh and safe and much higher healty benefits without paying extra, our customers love the idea and flavours, so it's all worthy it!"

"Eric and I both have plenty of experience in customer services, which helped a lot at the start. Many regular customers became our friends, they may just pop in the shop to hang out, which is pretty awesome". Vanessa adds, "You are welcome to drop by for a cup of bubble tea or just chit chat, ask us any questions about bubble teas, or even about business or life in general. "
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